Aloha from Kona, Big Island of Hawaii

2008 Kona Ironman Triathlon World Championship
2008 Ironman Triathlon
World Championship
10th finish in Kona

Welcome to this first step at a peaceful run around the world.
  While doing it, the World Peace Run will bring a message of community service, education, and physical fitness to those who will hear it. Anyone interested will be able to follow the run online and share in this exciting adventure as we run/jog/walk for World Peace and International Harmony.


The Goal

Georg and Me

Hopeful Results

This world functions as the natural polarity it is. The difficulty is that humanity hasn't figured out how to balancing it yet.  As we seek to better understand how to accomplish balance, it is clear to me that I must do my part to help achieve it.
The World Peace Run will work to establish a foundation of peace as we do our part contributing time and energy doing community service in 100's of communities in counties around the world.  Our focus will be on these three efforts for peace and balance:

  • Health Education/Physical Fitness,
    the universal freedom.
  • Education; Cultural and Science,
    our vehicle to understand.
  • Community Service,
    we can all do more and the world can be a more peace-filled  place.

Community service is our main goal since through it the others can be more easily shared and realized. Our interaction with the communities and our service goals while on the road during the World Peace Run will be educational for everyone and along the way we will work enthusiastically at recommending physical fitness as our most important personal responsibility.

2008 Ironman Triathlon recovery area

2008 Kona Ironman
Triathlon World Championship

Georg von Schrader and I
together shortly after his
4th place finish in the
70-74 age group. As you
can see from our expressions, 
it was a long day.
I've had more than an hour 
to recover after finishing
one of my best
Ironman Triathlon
events over a 24 year
relationship with the event. 

Georg wants to run 
some of the
World Peace Run
with me.  At 70 in this
photo, he is unbelievable,
doing 3 full Ironman
Triathlons in 2008 & 2009.

by Elizabeth

Healthier societies; throughout the world peoples habits are diverse.  We do have common physiological needs and we can share with each other and help each other meet those needs.  Better education on the basic function and requirements of the physical body would help all societies around the world.

Better informed world; through interaction and communication, with more respect and compassion, and a bit of love and understanding, we can all get along much better if we commit to peace everywhere.

Contribute to community harmony; each of us, everyday, in some way, small or big, simple or complex, easy or hard, it doesn't matter, give more than you take, every little bit of community service helps everyone.

Mahalo for your interest. This website is 100% my creation and is maintained and edited by me. Please feel free to point out any mistakes. Aloha, Gary Theriault

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